English and Maths CPD Support Through The Greater Than Network

Welcome to The Greater Than Network – we are a network of like-minded educators in English and maths who together collaborate – sharing ideas and good practice to improve the life chances and outcomes for young people.

In alignment with the DfE we believe that teaching staff supporting 16-19 GCSE/FSQ resit learners are crucial. Investing in their capabilities can lead to improved outcomes for students and reduced recruitment and retention costs for colleges.

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The Greater Than Network, in conjunction with the Department for Education (DfE), are excited to offer high-quality and relevant CPD for FE Post-16 English and maths GCSE resit/FSQ teachers.

The CPD and bespoke support will contribute to teachers developing their individual teaching practice and positively influence practice within their training provider or other educational institutions. This will lead to improved outcomes for students.

This CPD programme is supported funding. Costs associated with releasing teachers to attend modules can be supported. We are a group of English teachers and mathematicians, dedicated to developing maths education for everyone.

Department for Education

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Greater Than Network

The goal of the network is resource sharing and collaboration in research, understanding and best practice

It is vital that both new and experienced teachers access CPD to support them to facilitate effective learning and progress within their classrooms.

We have dedicated one third of the overall funding for our Network to invest into the network of providers who we work with. This will be shared across the network and will support training providers and other educational institutions to be able to release staff and access the valuable CPD, online resources and event services on offer.

Created by English & maths Specialists

The Greater Than Network provides two routes for ongoing professional development and online teaching resources.

We believe that only an established GFE provider, like MK College Group, truly understands the day-to-day needs of the sector, which is why it is our aim to lead and bring together a professional network of educational providers.

Digital English and Maths Hub Network

Our Digital Hub Network complements our face-to face activity across the regions. Our aim is to organically grow the network, following the launch of our in-person events. We believe that this is best way to support our sector and the network members.

Members of the digital hub network are able to access a range of support, development, and resources. Members can share good practise, ideas, and solutions. To ensure that teachers of 16-19 providers delivering English and maths GCSE and FSQ across the area have access to consistently high quality, free CPD. Ultimately this will provide our members with the right skills, knowledge, and experience to better support them to achieve and improve the outcomes, levels of understanding and confidence in subjects.

Having an online community and delivering the majority of CPD remotely means that staff can attend synchronous webinar-style sessions easily or watch recordings later, as well as engaging in live chat, and asking for help or sharing good practice.

This will become an online community of good practice to deliver high quality CPD and build the expertise of practitioners working across our regions.

Our online Digital Hub Network community will offer:

  • Online chats and forums for support from the network and community
  • Active participation in video conferencing and webinar sessions
  • Special interest channels focused on various topics including
    • Supporting Learning Needs
    • Diverse Voices Anthology
    • Mastery Maths
  • An online portal for shared resources, lesson plans, schemes of work etc
  • 1:1 support sessions with specialist peer mentors and coaches
  • Access to series of YouTube webinars
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Face-to-Face Greater Than Network Hub

Our Network Hub team offers face-to-face support to the members’ network to complement the digital suite of CPD services and resources.

The Greater Than Network is committed to delivering high quality CPD therefore it will contribute to associated costs (please ask our team for details) for its members to enable new and existing practitioners to access the valuable resources and training available.

The training available would be differentiated to support those new to teaching and experienced teachers. The network includes a peer mentoring programme to support the development of new teachers and to provide the opportunity for new teachers to learn from experienced staff across the network. These facilitate the opportunity to apply knowledge, skills gained and benefit from support, and advice. With guidance the aim is to build confidence, support improvement and provide an impact through progress and improvement.

In addition, a complementary aspect of the face-to-face service offer is to deliver two annual conferences for network members and beyond. These would build on our experience of offering and a delivering ‘Teach and Meet’ style activity for practitioners and members.

The CPD services will offer:

  • Leadership in English and maths
    • Curriculum Planning, Strategies to Improve Impact, Student Expectations and Motivation
    • A standardised and consistent approach, alleviating fear and eradicating a negative mindset, inspiring individuals, building confidence within English and maths
  • Student Expectations and Motivation – A standardised and consistent approach, alleviating fear and eradicating a negative mindset, inspiring individuals, building confidence within English and Maths.
  • Assessment and tracking – Technology in assessment, forms of assessment to reduce workload
  • Vocational and Employer links (importance of Embedding)
  • GCSE – Curriculum advances in English and maths
  • Functional Skills Qualifications – Curriculum advances in English and maths
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